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Jessica's Blog

Jessica's Blog

 Welcome to the blog section of our site! I am so happy that you stopped to take a peek at some of our upcoming events and some of the events we have completed in the past! You might find a few tips, sneak peeks, ideas and a few other fun quirks! 

Serendipitous Events is a full service eventing planning company loacted in Siox Falls, South Dakota! On the blog you can expect to see a few things from my personal life as well as a lot from the company side of my life! I put my heart sole and fabulous shoes into everything I do and that includes the events I plan.  

I have been plannig events for over 10 years and have had Serendiptous Events for 5 of those 10.  We recently moved into a downtown office space where all kinds of creative people come together to work! I can't be more excited about all of the positive changes and happenings that are taking place! 

Read a little and love a lot! Send us an email if you have questions or comments!!!  

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